Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Seeing the light!

Lily has a spot on her butt. A tiny red mark that we had to sign a waiver for stating we still wanted to adopt her. Thursday we found out there was a typo on the original form and it had to be re signed, notarized and mailed back to the agency. I got it done and out in less than 2 hours.
I had sent the US Embassy in Korea an email to check things out for me and they actually responded! They told me our I600 approval was received on Dec 9th and Eastern never applied for Lily's visa because they were waiting on the corrected waiver!! The thought of waiting for Lily to come home an extra 6 weeks beacuse of a typo that no one caught had me sick. The agency director called today to assure us that it was not the cause of the delay and that we would probably be traveling within the next 2 weeks. Everything is pretty much ready to go except for a letter for the foster mom that I have to get translated into Korean.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

more girl stuff

Last week we took the kids to Color Me Mine where you paint your own pottery. Lance chose a dragon and Luca a monster truck. Meanwhile, Rick and I painted a couple if things for Lily's room.

Questions from the boys..

We first talked to Lance about this adoption as soon as we came from the first agency meeting back in November 2007. When we asked him how he felt about it, he simply replied,

"I don't see why not!" Over the last year, the questions seem to come out of no where... "Why doesn't Lily's mom want her?" "Why can't she take care of her?" As we were driving to school one morning, he offered to drive Lily back to Korea if she wanted to visit her foster mom!

Even Luca today wanted to ride his bike to go and pick her up!

Last night, I got a big one... "When are we going to tell Lily that you are not her "real" mom? We talked a bit about how I was going to be her "real mom" and we discussed the terms birth mom and foster mother. I also told him that Lily would know as soon as she was able to understand. Oh, he is so innocent and just can't grasp the concept of a mom giving up her baby.
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