Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I really have to become a better blogger. These posts seem to have more and more time in between them. At this point in our life as a family of 5, I must get Lily to the pediatrician for her 18 month exam, not to mention that I noticed a bit of swelling at her left ear piercing. She took a fall in my bathroom and cut her lip open and scratched her face with her fingernail on the same day. Both of which are just in time for our family photo session scheduled for Thursday!! I am sooo excited to have these done. The photographer who got such great shots of our homecoming at the airport will be shooting them (with some cooperation from mother nature so we can do them outdoors.)
Lance has us under the spell of Yughio and given his obsessive personality, it's pretty much all he talks about, thinks about and cares about. That card collection is like gold to him. Tomorrow should be a blast as we head to his class trip to Maryland Science Center. Screaming 8 year olds on a school bus for 1 hour there and back...what was I thinking??

Luca is my pre school champ! I was worried about him pulling this screaming bit he does at home as well as the typical defiant 4 year old attitude. His teacher raved about him and had not one negative comment about him! Being that I often feel I was absent when they handed out the parenting manual, this was nice to hear. Maybe I am actually doing something right.

Little Lily bear is still climbing on everything and starting to want to do things on her own like put on socks and feed herself with a spoon. She has started to say her name which really is the cutest thing ever! She has this new pout face, something I am not used to with boys and cries huge tears when it appears that we have offended her in some way.

Here are some pics from the last 2 weeks. We had a great time at the National Italian American Foundation gala which is headed by my brother in law. We actually got to meet some celbs like Jimmy Kimmel, THE Italian cooking show legend Lidia, and actress Carla Gugino...so gorgeous and friendly too.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yea !! A Girly Costume.

Just a few shots from Halloween. The rain was on and off, but nothing could deter the little ones from getting their candy. Trick or Treating doesn't really happen on our block since the distance between the homes isn't friendly to little legs so they just went to our immediate neighbors and off to our party we went. Lance was cool with his hair sprayed black and dressed as a Bakugan brawler, Lily was Snow WHite and Luca had the cutest pirate costume ever (Old Navy..$20!!!) We spent the night at friends and went to a nice brunch on Sunday. The boys are already counting the days until Halloween 2010.
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