Saturday, April 27, 2013

Thank-you Yeosu

The's in her blood. Yeosu is a maritime town in the Jeollanam do province South Korea. The southernmost part of Korea, Yeosu is a port city. It has a beautifully long coast line with 317 small islands off of it. It's known for it's delicious seafood and last year it was the site for the Expo 2012 Yeosu. At this Expo, people from around the world pledged to enhance their cooperation to protect the ocean for the future survival of the world. Lily turned 5 yesterday and just like every year, we are so thankful to her birthland. Now that she is growing, she is able to understand more about her birth country. We will visit one day soon as a family... IMG_7038 IMG_7049 IMG_7052 IMG_7064 IMG_7075 IMG_7053 IMG_7041 The sea...she loves it. Happy 5th Birthday to our little beauty from Yeosu!!
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