Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Tea Party

So I went a little crazy. For her birthday, Lily knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate and that was with a princess tea party. For as long as I can remember, I have resisted the whole princess thing...you know the whole being rescued by a man, doves flying and pink everywhere. It never sat well with me. Little by little though, I'm seeing that no matter what I say or how I try to divert from it, the princess thing comes up. Even when Lily plays with her dolls, I would ask "So is this girl a doctor or maybe an engineer?" and the answer is always "No, she's a princess." I was more than happy to dive in to creating our first ever tea party. For years, I had been surrounded with all things boy...dinosaurs, trains, cars and being that this was going to be our first big girly bash, it had to be awesome. Off to the thrift store I went...not to mention a few stops at Michaels, Home Goods (my happy place) and Party Depot. IMG_8237 IMG_8231 IMG_8235 IMG_8238 The stage was set and the girls began by crafting their wands... IMG_8253 Of course, Korean green tea was our featured tea... IMG_8225 IMG_8377 with lots of sugar filled pink goodies... IMG_8379 Our special guest arrived... IMG_8267 IMG_8297IMG_8295IMG_8312 And after the songs were sung and the fairy dust had settled, a wish was made... IMG_8227 IMG_8386IMG_8402IMG_8461 Even the boys jumped in for a bit... IMG_8445 Glitter and tulle, crowns and wands. There's a 5 year old girl in our house and yes, I caved. I caved to the princess thing. And really happy I did.
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