Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Lily!

We have decided to have Lily's first birthday celebration on the same day as her Baptism which is next Sunday. Lots of family are arriving fronm NY and NJ. Sat is Lance's first communion so it is basically a Rosa celebration weekend!! Today is her actual birthday and I couldn't help but think of her birth mom for most of it. What a day it must have been for her, knowing her pregnancy was over, the birth process was in front of her and she would be saying to her baby both hello and good bye in the same day. Given our history, with the death of our first baby, I can, to a small degree relate to what this is like.
I would imagine that on this day especially, she thinks about where here baby has been placed and how she is doing. After a chaotic dinner with all the kids at a Korean restaurant, we headed home for some green tea we brought home from Seoul, rice cakes and Korean wine. Here's to a most courageous woman somewhere in Yeosu or elsewhere in South Korea. Looking forward to Lily's big bash this weekend.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sand in my Toes

This OBX trip for Easter break was Lily's first time at the beach! She seemed to love the wind on her face but when it came to getting down on the sand, oh no, not having this!! She screamed as soon as her tiny feet hit the cold sand. Mommy carry me and I'll enjoy from up here!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


As we celebrate Easter, as well as all holidays, we think of those who are with us in spirit. Among those is my father in law who past away in 2004 after battling colon cancer . This photo was taken on the day we arrived home from Korea. My mother in law Tina had bracelets made for all of the grandchildren using the chains that belonged to dad. There was just enough left to make a bracelet for Lily 5 years later!! How amazing is that??

Thank-you to Heather at for putting together our adoption announcement!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

First photo shoot

We are headed down to the Outer Banks for spring break. I am so excited to have a change of scenery and to witness Lily's first trip to the ocean. The past few weeks have been insane with the adoption and closing on a new house all in the same month. Now, our house is on the market and to keep it clean with 3 kids around is both challenging and annoying! On this trip we plan to complete part of the post placement paperwork including letters to Lily's birth parents and foster parents. The agency also wants photos of her with family, which isnt a problem since we have quite a few good shots. Here are some that I took for her announcement.
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