Thursday, April 26, 2012

Look Who Turns 4 Today!

It's been the same thing each year now on this day, April 26.  It's the day our little Lily came into this world 4 years ago.  It's a day where I am so excited to see the joy on my girl's face as she runs into our bedroom screaming "It's my Birthday today!!"  It's also the day where I constantly think of her birth mother, the woman who courageously brought her into the world and then gave her away.  Yeosu, Korea is the town, it was a natural delivery, but that's pretty much all we know about this day 4 years ago.  It really is a day of mixed emotion.   I wonder where Lily gets her sparkling personality... the one that people are pulled towards.  I wonder who she gets her hands from and oh how she can be sooo stubborn!  Where did she get her unlimited energy and the ability to read a story back to you word for word after only hearing it one time?  This is a girl who's beauty shines through from the inside.  She is friendly and warm and gives the tightest of hugs.  She begs me to take ballet lessons and lives in her tutus.  She can tattle tale with the best of them and cries as soon as she doesn't get her way.  She keeps right up with her brothers, running and climbing, but man is she a girly girl.  She poses in her mirror while trying on one dress after another and knows exactly what shoes will match perfectly with every outfit.  Yes, I wonder where all of these things come from and I wonder what we did to deserve the chance to be her parents...










May the love we feel today translate into peace for a very brave woman wherever she may be.  Happy Birthday to our sweet 4 year old girl.
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