Monday, September 10, 2012


At least once every Summer, we make the 4 hour drive to the Jersey Shore to see Rick's Mother and Grandmother. The kids have always known them as "Nonna and Biz Nonna," and my parents are simply "Grandma and Grandpa." The disturbing MTV house is nowhere in site, but Nonna has a house right on the bay which equals crabbing and boat watching, oh and can't forget about feeding the ducks.. IMG_1034 IMG_1013 IMG_1042 A trip to Nonna's also means we check our low carb diets by the door. Theres always a ton of Italian food and a visit or two by the various Aunts and Uncles who may drop by to join us in a meal... IMG_1038 IMG_0914 I love it when Italy meets Korea... IMG_0921 IMG_0899 IMG_1001 IMG_0936 and my boys faces as they listen to their Nonno's voice for the very first time... IMG_0918 I'm a bit behind on this post but it was a memorable weekend that really deserved a proper salute... IMG_1061 IMG_1049 IMG_1115 IMG_0892 Until next time Nonna...see you soon!
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