Monday, September 10, 2012


At least once every Summer, we make the 4 hour drive to the Jersey Shore to see Rick's Mother and Grandmother. The kids have always known them as "Nonna and Biz Nonna," and my parents are simply "Grandma and Grandpa." The disturbing MTV house is nowhere in site, but Nonna has a house right on the bay which equals crabbing and boat watching, oh and can't forget about feeding the ducks.. IMG_1034 IMG_1013 IMG_1042 A trip to Nonna's also means we check our low carb diets by the door. Theres always a ton of Italian food and a visit or two by the various Aunts and Uncles who may drop by to join us in a meal... IMG_1038 IMG_0914 I love it when Italy meets Korea... IMG_0921 IMG_0899 IMG_1001 IMG_0936 and my boys faces as they listen to their Nonno's voice for the very first time... IMG_0918 I'm a bit behind on this post but it was a memorable weekend that really deserved a proper salute... IMG_1061 IMG_1049 IMG_1115 IMG_0892 Until next time Nonna...see you soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Geographies of Kinship

Not sure if I am late to the party but "Geographies of Kinship" is a film about Korean Adoptees and their search to reconnect with their birth country. It was listed on Kickstarter...a brilliant site that focusses on projects in need of funding. SO happy to report that the filmmaker's goal amount was reached. Check it out...the preview looks beautiful.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Update in Squares

So far it's been a great, lots of pool time, and the usual waivering back and forth between "It's so great to have them all home" and "God, is it back to school yet?" I have been glued to my Iphone and really into Instagram lately so I figured I would share some of my little squares here for a peek into our life these days. I'm not sure how to post them in a fancy way but here goes... Love the shriveled little pool toes! #chillinbythepool #childrenphoto She's light as a feather!! #summer #chillinbythepool #instagram_kids #photooftheday Last night at our local ice cream shop.  What you can't see is they are writing "we are better than you!" #summer #instagram_kids Jamie and Jack sale and she actually let me take her pic!! Score!! Look floaties!!  This tiny little miss has no fear. #swim #summer #instagram_kids #cmglimpse Something growing in your yard. First time doing my girl's nails! This morning.  He's a lacrosse defenseman, lover of Yughio, class clown, but will always play dress up teddy with his baby sister. Lily with her new bedding.  Hope she loves it as much as I do! #instagram_kids #home #childrenphoto Going to be a hot one today! Hope everyone is having a blast this summer! If you are interested in Instagram challenges, I am loving the one by cmglimpse...check it out or let's follow...I'm at dtagdc. Yes, between emails, calendars, games and photos, I will probably have serious vision issues from staring at that little screen all day, but it's so inspiring to see all of the amazing posts every day. See you there!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Renaissance Kid

He's our oldest son,  much more self sufficient than the little ones, way less maintenance these days and growing by the second.  Along with the fresh green beauty of Springtime,  comes the chaos of kids sports activities,  performances,  field trips and all the planning for the Summer camps to come.  I've talked two moms down from the ledge this just seems like everyone is so crazed.  In the middle of it all,  I have been feeling as if the oldest guy, because he isn't as needy anymore,  has gotten less of my attention lately.  It's always running here or running there...homework then bedtime. Soon I'll blink my eyes and he will be driving off to college.  His shoe size is larger, he is wearing deodorant,  and cares oh so much about his hair!!  His body has thinned out,  he loves his sweats and T shirts and is begging for a "cooler" bedroom.  This is a ten year old that will sing his heart out in the glee club and then play a mean defense postion on his lacrosse team.  He still gives hugs and will shout "love you" everytime he leaves me, no matter who is around to hear it.




Even though he fights with his little brother...he is still so protective and proud.  Whatever he does...the little ones follow right along...








These days,  Lance is loving the Hunger Games series, thinks texting his friends is the coolest thing ever and would eat hot wings every night if we let him.  He's the class clown, gets in trouble for talking too much and surely has given me a few grey hairs over the past ten years.  With those sparkling blue eyes and the gift of charm...oh yes we are so in for it,  but still can't help but be proud of my little renaisannce man who as a wise woman once told me... is destined for greatness!


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Look Who Turns 4 Today!

It's been the same thing each year now on this day, April 26.  It's the day our little Lily came into this world 4 years ago.  It's a day where I am so excited to see the joy on my girl's face as she runs into our bedroom screaming "It's my Birthday today!!"  It's also the day where I constantly think of her birth mother, the woman who courageously brought her into the world and then gave her away.  Yeosu, Korea is the town, it was a natural delivery, but that's pretty much all we know about this day 4 years ago.  It really is a day of mixed emotion.   I wonder where Lily gets her sparkling personality... the one that people are pulled towards.  I wonder who she gets her hands from and oh how she can be sooo stubborn!  Where did she get her unlimited energy and the ability to read a story back to you word for word after only hearing it one time?  This is a girl who's beauty shines through from the inside.  She is friendly and warm and gives the tightest of hugs.  She begs me to take ballet lessons and lives in her tutus.  She can tattle tale with the best of them and cries as soon as she doesn't get her way.  She keeps right up with her brothers, running and climbing, but man is she a girly girl.  She poses in her mirror while trying on one dress after another and knows exactly what shoes will match perfectly with every outfit.  Yes, I wonder where all of these things come from and I wonder what we did to deserve the chance to be her parents...










May the love we feel today translate into peace for a very brave woman wherever she may be.  Happy Birthday to our sweet 4 year old girl.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Changes for Korean Birthparents

     This is a quick shot I took of the nursery at Eastern Social Welfare in Seoul.  Korea JoonGang Daily recently posted an article on the changing of law in favor of Korean birthmoms. According to this, the birthparents will now have 7 days to understand what resources are out there for their support should they decide to change their minds and keep the baby. Give it a read. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Got Us By the Hearts!

Yup,  March is here and it's hard to believe it's been 3 years since our life changing trip to Korea.  It has become tradition now,  for our Family Day we go for Korean BBQ at our favorite spot,  followed by a stop at the Korean bakery next door.  The servers, who dress in traditional Korean style always greet Lily like she is royalty. "Can't believe how big she is," they say and "so HAPPY too!"  This makes me smile of course since it really is soooo true.
We are greatful for such happy memories of our time in Seoul,  such happy tears shed when we arrived home to see our family and friends at the airport, and that infectious smile of Lily's that makes everyone...well just plain happy!
I was thinking once again about this day, whatever you may call it... Family Day, Gotcha Day, Meant to be Day, we didn't simply just get Lily...she's got us. She's got us by the hearts. She pretty much had us long before we even met her...
IMG_3982 IMG_3987 IMG_4000 IMG_4022 IMG_4001 IMG_4028
When people say to us how great it was that we adopted her...I just think to myself...  "Wow you have no idea."  We are the ones who were given a gift, we are the ones who are so grateful.  We are the ones who think of her birth parents every day and are forever in their debt, her foster parents who took such great care of her for 10 months... IMG_7685 IMG_7698 IMG_3991 So on this 3rd anniversary of our Family Day,  thank-you once again Korea and thank you to our precious Lily who really does have us all by the heart!
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