Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Renaissance Kid

He's our oldest son,  much more self sufficient than the little ones, way less maintenance these days and growing by the second.  Along with the fresh green beauty of Springtime,  comes the chaos of kids sports activities,  performances,  field trips and all the planning for the Summer camps to come.  I've talked two moms down from the ledge this just seems like everyone is so crazed.  In the middle of it all,  I have been feeling as if the oldest guy, because he isn't as needy anymore,  has gotten less of my attention lately.  It's always running here or running there...homework then bedtime. Soon I'll blink my eyes and he will be driving off to college.  His shoe size is larger, he is wearing deodorant,  and cares oh so much about his hair!!  His body has thinned out,  he loves his sweats and T shirts and is begging for a "cooler" bedroom.  This is a ten year old that will sing his heart out in the glee club and then play a mean defense postion on his lacrosse team.  He still gives hugs and will shout "love you" everytime he leaves me, no matter who is around to hear it.




Even though he fights with his little brother...he is still so protective and proud.  Whatever he does...the little ones follow right along...








These days,  Lance is loving the Hunger Games series, thinks texting his friends is the coolest thing ever and would eat hot wings every night if we let him.  He's the class clown, gets in trouble for talking too much and surely has given me a few grey hairs over the past ten years.  With those sparkling blue eyes and the gift of charm...oh yes we are so in for it,  but still can't help but be proud of my little renaisannce man who as a wise woman once told me... is destined for greatness!

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Jay said...

Dina. I came across your blog and it brought so many memories back for me. It's really something else to get into the mind of a parent who chooses to adopt, especially one that already has mixed-race children. I am a Korean adoptee myself, and I found this blog to be very inspirational. I am grateful for the love and dedication that it takes to be a parent. I know your children are growing up to be amazing individuals.

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