Thursday, August 9, 2012

Geographies of Kinship

Not sure if I am late to the party but "Geographies of Kinship" is a film about Korean Adoptees and their search to reconnect with their birth country. It was listed on Kickstarter...a brilliant site that focusses on projects in need of funding. SO happy to report that the filmmaker's goal amount was reached. Check it out...the preview looks beautiful.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Update in Squares

So far it's been a great, lots of pool time, and the usual waivering back and forth between "It's so great to have them all home" and "God, is it back to school yet?" I have been glued to my Iphone and really into Instagram lately so I figured I would share some of my little squares here for a peek into our life these days. I'm not sure how to post them in a fancy way but here goes... Love the shriveled little pool toes! #chillinbythepool #childrenphoto She's light as a feather!! #summer #chillinbythepool #instagram_kids #photooftheday Last night at our local ice cream shop.  What you can't see is they are writing "we are better than you!" #summer #instagram_kids Jamie and Jack sale and she actually let me take her pic!! Score!! Look floaties!!  This tiny little miss has no fear. #swim #summer #instagram_kids #cmglimpse Something growing in your yard. First time doing my girl's nails! This morning.  He's a lacrosse defenseman, lover of Yughio, class clown, but will always play dress up teddy with his baby sister. Lily with her new bedding.  Hope she loves it as much as I do! #instagram_kids #home #childrenphoto Going to be a hot one today! Hope everyone is having a blast this summer! If you are interested in Instagram challenges, I am loving the one by cmglimpse...check it out or let's follow...I'm at dtagdc. Yes, between emails, calendars, games and photos, I will probably have serious vision issues from staring at that little screen all day, but it's so inspiring to see all of the amazing posts every day. See you there!
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