Sunday, March 11, 2012

Got Us By the Hearts!

Yup,  March is here and it's hard to believe it's been 3 years since our life changing trip to Korea.  It has become tradition now,  for our Family Day we go for Korean BBQ at our favorite spot,  followed by a stop at the Korean bakery next door.  The servers, who dress in traditional Korean style always greet Lily like she is royalty. "Can't believe how big she is," they say and "so HAPPY too!"  This makes me smile of course since it really is soooo true.
We are greatful for such happy memories of our time in Seoul,  such happy tears shed when we arrived home to see our family and friends at the airport, and that infectious smile of Lily's that makes everyone...well just plain happy!
I was thinking once again about this day, whatever you may call it... Family Day, Gotcha Day, Meant to be Day, we didn't simply just get Lily...she's got us. She's got us by the hearts. She pretty much had us long before we even met her...
IMG_3982 IMG_3987 IMG_4000 IMG_4022 IMG_4001 IMG_4028
When people say to us how great it was that we adopted her...I just think to myself...  "Wow you have no idea."  We are the ones who were given a gift, we are the ones who are so grateful.  We are the ones who think of her birth parents every day and are forever in their debt, her foster parents who took such great care of her for 10 months... IMG_7685 IMG_7698 IMG_3991 So on this 3rd anniversary of our Family Day,  thank-you once again Korea and thank you to our precious Lily who really does have us all by the heart! RSS


Pix said...

Happy Family Day! You are so right about us being the lucky ones. Your sweet Lily is sure a lovely girl!

Jen said...

Beautiful post! Our daughter has been home from Korea from 9 months and is our pride and joy. Thank you for putting words to how we feel!

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