Monday, August 24, 2009

Meeting Cousins

This weekend, we had a great time with Amy and her two boys who were visiting from NJ. It was Lily's first time meeting the boys. They brought us 3 pizzas from NJ!! How we miss the GOOD pizza. Those of you who grew up in NY and NJ and have moved know what I mean. She also brought homemade coookies, scones and pie!!
We only had 2 days but we packed it in... Air and Space Museum, some DC monuments, The White House. Today, it was Burke Lake Park lunch and ice cream after. So great to have them down to hang out with as we close out the summer.

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Tina said...

Thanks for your sweet comment and visiting my blog. If you just type in our you should be able to see birthday photos below. Sign up as a follower if you want. Your family is beautiful, and you did a great job on your blog design too. Blessings!

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