Sunday, December 6, 2009

Ten Years

Nov 29th marked the 10 year anniversary of the birth and death of our first baby. An experienced that has changed us forever. Unbelivable to me how time has accelerated. The years have filled up our lives in ways we never could have predicted. We use this day to dress our whole house for Christmas in her honor. We also visit the cemetary. She really is the messenger, an angel who briefly touched us so that we could have the family we now have.

This year is different, however, with the addition of Lily. Her first Christmas home is exciting for all of us. This time last year we were so anxious for that travel call and wondering how she was growing and spending her days in Korea. Here is a pic of her with the ornament we hung last year. It contains her Eastern referral photo. Talk about a rollar coaster of emotions, but overall the day was ok.

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