Saturday, February 13, 2010


About 2 weeks ago we recieved the papers from the attorney stating that Lily's adoption was final and that her name had been changed. After we receive the certificate of foreign birth, we can then proceed with the ss number and passport. It is seriously hard to believe that we have been home from Korea for almost one year and that the paper work is coming to an end.

After opening the envelope, I was met with mixed feelings. I was happy to be finished with the whole legal thing but I couldn't help but feel sad as well. Sad for Lily's birth mom and the end of the name that she chose for her. Sure it's still a part of her but still it was sort of a goodbye. I had visions of the future where Lily asks about her Korean name and why we didn't keep it or incorporate it into her new name. I was hoping she wasn't destined to be one of those adoptees who have resentment towards us for robbing her culture from her. I remembered our referral papers with the meaning of Hye Won. Grace and pretty is what it read. I was then told soon after that it was more like "God's grace and pretty flower." What name could be more perfect then Lily? Here is the first photo I ever took myself of precious Hye Won as she was called for the first 10 months of her life.


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