Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome to America!

This last week, we welcomed Anissa into our home. Anissa will be our au pair for the next year. She is from south France, very sweet and very helpful. We are so excited to introduce her to this country. Let's not forget to mention that I am planning on being one happier, less stressed and less crazed mom of three. I plan to pee alone, actually work out and shower, food shop without loosing years off my life and ocassionally meet my husband for a nice lunch. That's right, I am taking part of my life back! At first I resisted this whole thing. Who me, need help? and someone living with us in our home? NO way! Then it clicked. If I was at the office, I would have a receptionist, a billing person and maybe an assistant so why not have another set of hands with my job as a parent? The next few weeks will be interesting I am sure, but for now we are all headed to The Outer Banks for vacation. Anissa gets a taste of the beach and it's only her second week here. RSS


Krista said...

Congratulations and welcome Anissa! You are one lucky mom - enjoy!

Elisabeth said...

Very smart thinking!!! Welcome to america!

Christy said...

Enjoy! Welcome Anissa! I just found (or maybe re-found) your blog. I noticed that we're both from NY and living outside of DC now. :) Have a great time at the beach!

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