Sunday, January 9, 2011

The L's have a new Cousin!

This year our holiday plans were a bit altered and with good reason. Usually it's our crazy routine of Xmas eve in NJ with Rick's family then we head back home so that the kids can wake up in their own house on Christmas Day(Yes, we usually jump in the car around 11 and get back to spread out the gifts around 3 am).
2010, however, had to be different. You see, after all the adoption ups and downs, my cousins Laurie and Mike finally have a son. Anthony arrived home from Taiwan in late November and Dec 26th was his baptism day. So we packed up the car once again after a party in North Jersey and spending Christmas in south Jersey, off to Long Island we went in the middle of a blizzard. The kids were so cool with the plan. After all, they were meeting their new cousin and waiting for them at home was a mountain of presents! Here are a few pics...


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