Friday, January 30, 2009

12 - 18 Months

Today we heard disappointing news from the agency. We were told that along with 6 other families, our trip to Korea would be delayed once again. They are saying now we will travel at the end of February!! Our paper work is not being worked on in Korea due to this turn over of staff at the government there. Our trip was supposed to be first week of Jan, then they estimated last week in Jan, and now to get this news is really hard to adjust to. I can't imagine the feelings of the couples who don't have other children to take care of. To be so close to the prize.....Lily turned 9 months on the 26th. We hear she is doing fine.

An hour after the news came, this adorable dress from Tea arrived. Now that she won't be here for another month, it's a good thing I ordered a 12 - 18 month size!



Krista said...

I'm so sorry for the delay - it really isn't fair. Be sure to e-mail me when I get back from Seoul and I will send you travel tips... I know that doesn't help but you might be a little more prepared... It is a different world!

Anonymous said...

We are one of the other families with CHSFS East that is being delayed. It is such a bummer! I just keep remembering that our girls are healthy and being cared for by loving foster mothers. And you are right at least we both have boys at home to keep us busy. I look forward to maybe meeting you when we travel!

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