Wednesday, January 21, 2009


On Inauguration Day, I couldn't help but wonder if Lily's foster family was following any of the coverage. Such a monumental event, regardless of what political views you may hold. I just had to get a photo of the boys during the ceremony. Yes, we do live only 15 minutes away from the mall but we chose to watch at home, just a bit too much with the crowds and the waiting for a 3 year old and 7 year old to handle.

No news yet about our travel clearance. No call, no update on Lily, nothing!!! I keep staring at the NVC letter that is dated November 29 of all days. Everything on the US end is complete and now we are waiting for a stamp on a piece of paper sitting on a desk somewhere on the other side of the globe! We were told back when we accepted Hye Won, that we would be traveling around first week of Jan. Then the agency informed us of an employee turnover at the Korean government, of course happening in January. They now estimate our travel for the last week in Jan. I know in the world of adoption, anything can happen and for the most part our process has gone very smoothly. We fortunately have the boys to keep us more than busy. Trusting in the greater plan is quite hard sometimes but I am really trying.

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Anonymous said...

We received our travel call last week - and our paperwork started to get processed on Nov 19 - of course I'm in Canada - but hopefully that means you will get yours very soon! Crossed fingers and toes for you.

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