Thursday, April 15, 2010

Last Night's Birthday Debacle

On numerous occasions, my husband was very clear about NOT wanting a party to celebrate his 40th. In fact, he said that if I threw him a party, he wouldn't even show up or if it was a surprise, he would leave!!! Instead, he wanted to take a trip together, which is cool with me. I'll go anywhere especially if it means time alone no kids. He did, however, agree to a small get together with drinks and a few close friends, that is whenever we could actually fit it into out schedules. See these days every weekend seems to be packed and Rick is even fitting in some long distance cycling.
So the big day arrives starting with Luca and his heartbreaking allergy eyes.

Then it was the morning latte that we have become completely addicted to
After this, it's the usual make breakfast, clean the kitchen, sweep, make all the beds throw a load of laundry in, give the kids a bath, get ready for pre school. But this time it was all while planning to surprise Rick at his office with a small party with the kids after school. Just a little something he he. So as most moms know, it's a project to get anywhere with kids in tow and then to manage to get yourself presentable without the frumpy mommy costume is a pretty miraculous accomplishment. I'm getting the car packed, talking to my mom at the same time, you know the drill... sippy, shoes, coats, backpack etc... and all of a sudden it hits me. This strange "episode" where I am overcome by stress and my thoughts aren't making it to my mouth. I sit down for a few deep breaths, calmed myself down and waited for it to go away. Needless to say, It really freaked me out. I immediately start diagnosing myself and making my anxiety worse. I drive Luca to school, truck Lily to the store for cupcakes and party goods and set out on my way. The plan at this point was to give Lily a nap, work out and shower in the 1 1/2 hour time span before picking up the boys. Yea, that was before the sneaky cop pulled me over for speeding and began the downward spiral of my day.

With enough time to shower only, I jump back in the car, line up mom to baby sit, make dinner reservations, pick up the boys, and we all head to get the balloons. They were so excited!! Me, not so much since having 3 kids at the store is a total nightmare these days. I believe it has taken years off of my life. So now we have everything. Exausted yet?? I then text Rick to make sure he would still be working for a while. We're good to go. That is until I can't find the office! This is a new location that Rick is at 2 days a week and I have never been there. Yes I have navigation but for some reason it directed me to drive away from the building. I tried twice, then 3 times and then the traffic started to build, and the U turns and then the kids fighting in the back. They are hungry and tired and dying for the cupcakes! AHHHH. Finally, we find the office, get Lily in the stroller, the boys are bursting with their party hats on, cupcakes, huge balloons, cards, the whole bit ready for the big moment only to find that their dad had already LEFT!!! How bad does that suck??

Back into the car to brave the traffic home, sad and disapponted. All I can think of was my husband of 12 years arriving home to an empty house on the evening of his 40th birthday. No decorations, no cake, no family. Frustrated and starving, we walk in the house I'm ready to cry and Rick is wondering why I chose to push the limit and was too tired to go out to dinner. We proceed to bicker, eat a quick dinner home and get to the candles and cupcakes. To top it all off, I only got this one crappy photo:

So basically I am so sorry that it didn't turn out as we had hoped, but I promise to plan that fabulous trip for him along with a small get together as soon as his training is over.



Elisabeth said...

Ohhhh man!!! That just so stinks. I can so feel for you with the store thing, stress thing, no time to get ready thing. I can't believe he had already left work. I bet he appreciated you trying so hard. What a rough day. I am tired just reading about it. Booooo about the ticket, too.
I bet the trip you plan will be super wonderful. Happy 40th to your hubby!

Elizabeth Frick said...

At least it's memorable?

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