Monday, April 26, 2010

Lily is 2 today.

Ahhh yes, once again we have a 2 year old in our house. Lily has mastered the "NO" and the crying when she doesn't get her way. The pout when she is insulted and the throwing when she is frustrated. On the other hand, she bounces when she runs, gives the tightest of hugs and will model her dresses for you. She has the face of an angel, the power to light up a room and the ability to put a smile on anyone's face.

I am sure I am not alone in my feelings on our adopted child's birthday. Yes, it's a happy day, the one that brought our little girl into the world, but also such a sad day. The day that her birth mother said both hello and goodbye to her baby. Was she alone or was she with friends or family? Was she frightened or was she happy to get it over with? Did she have heartburn or back pain during the pregnancy? How long was the labor? Did she know she was having a girl? Did she hold her baby? I can't help but wonder.

We thank this courageous woman, somewhere in Yeosu, Korea. I hope she has peace today and someday I wish to be able to let her know of the happiness she has brought to us and how she has changed our lives forever.



Kimberly and Ed said...

Happy Birthday Lily!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Happy bday, Lily! And I totally get what you mean about the day being bittersweet. It's tough to feel completely happy on a day that marks another woman's deepest loss. But how can you feel sad looking at that darling little face, despite the tantrums. :)

anavar said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Ana

Krista said...

Happy Birthday sweet little girl!

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