Thursday, June 10, 2010

And she's gone!!

Well, this morning it happened. We knew it wouldn't be long. Yup, our little gymnast has masterred the crib jump! Kind of a bummer (I confess to sometimes leaving her there in the morning so I could suck down a latte in peace.) I guess shopping for new furniture will be fun but training her to actually stay in a bed??? AHHHHH. RSS


Krista said...

Oh yes - that happened to us a couple of months ago... try dropping the crib mattress to the floor. Alex can still climb out - but not as easily. I think we will need a "big boy bed" by summer's end though.

Kimberly and Ed said...

What I have to look forward to! Hopefully you will find a way to keep her in bed so you can still have a little latte peace in the mornings:-)

sa gil sim said...

안녕하세요~릴리의 위탁모였던 사길심입니다. 가끔씩 와서 릴리의 사진을 보고 가는데, 이렇게 예쁘게 큰 것을 보니 너무 뿌듯하고 기쁘네요. 글을 어디에 남겨야 할지 몰라서 그동안은 사진만 보았는데 이제서야 글을 남깁니다. 앞으로는 종종 글을 남길게요. 사랑받고 있는 밝은 아이로 크고 있는 것을 보니 제가 다 기쁩니다^^

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