Monday, June 7, 2010


It took me a while to realize that this whole mommy thing really throws you. Just when you think you have it down with a routine of some sort or a pattern of some kind, life mixes it up. Kids are always changing schedules, entering new phases and it's up to us to be right there with them rolling and changing with it all. I always get a bit sad when this happens like last week with the end of Pre K. I'm not saying that I want to hang on to every second, in fact I am enjoying my kids more as they get older. No craving the infant phase for me that's for sure. It's just this little feeling that creeps up and reminds me that the life we have known for a short while is over.
This weekend was another reminder as I did the "clothes swap." This is when I put away the clothes that the kids have grown out of, hang some new ones or take out the ones that have been saved. These kids seriously have enough clothing to outfit a small city.

The bins are filled according to size and sometimes I make Lance draw something to throw in the box too, just for a laugh when I have to pull them out for Luca...

Lance has graduated from kids hangers to the adult size...

There is also a box with a few things that I just don't ever want to part with, the really tiny clothes, what they came home in and some of the boys matching outfits. Little shoes and stuff like that too.
As soon as I find the time, Lily's closet is next. RSS


Elisabeth said...

Oh I just did that and boy did my boys have a ton of clothes!! I sold lots of tiny baby boy clothes but have a few boxes of itty bitty ones I will never part with. It can be emotional for sure!!!
They grow soooo fast!

Elizabeth Frick said...

Wow. Adult hangers? I think that would make me cry too :(

dana said...

Oh I know that same feeling -- I'm feeling it right now. Kaneu's last day of kindergarten was today and I'm just so nostalgic I could cry. Oh, and the closet situation!! I have been putting it off but there is honestly no more space, so I must gut it. I actually found some shorts of his that were 3T and he is turning 6 next month. Am I in denial or what????

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