Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Sky

I was fortunate this past week to be able to tag along with Rick to Colorado. He was attending a movement analysis seminar at The Olympic Training Facility in Colorado Springs so we made sort of a mini vacation out of it. So much beauty to photograph, I was in heaven! The sky, the air, the mountains, all I can say is WOW! That little rental car took me all over. It was great to get the behind the scenes tour of the training center and while Rick was behaving in class, I was feeding the soul with some exploring. I went to Seven Falls, had crepes at a little town called Manitou Springs (where I also did some kid free whine free shopping) and visited the US Air Force Academy.

Taking the advice of a nice woman I met while getting a pedicure, Rick and I had lunch at the base of Pike's Peak at a little place called Wines of Colorado. We were able to enjoy great wine and lunch at the edge of a creek with a backdrop of the mountains. Makes me tingle just thinking about it.

Have you ever seen the Broadmore Resort? It is absolutely gorgeous. You may have to leave your left arm to pay for your stay, but once again it's gorgeous. We were here for dinner and drinks.

Garden of The words necessary.

No trip to Colorado would be complete without rafting. We drove an hour west to raft on the Arkansas river and take a train ride through Royal Gorge. Yes it was beginner level and of course we had "chatty Cathy" in our raft. You know, the one that's always in every bunch, every class, every tour. We were soaked in the first few seconds but with such glorious scenery, I still had a permanent smile glued to my face the whole time.



Elizabeth Frick said...

Ooooh... CO is on our list of places to potentially move to, and this post def. bumped it up the list!

Elisabeth said...

I used to live in golden. Fun trip! I love Colorado springs. Thanks for your comment, I am going to look for something I can do for myself - alone.:)

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