Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Taking the Show on the Road

Wow feels like ages since I have checked on all of my favorite bloggy friends. It's been a wonderfully busy summer this year. Hard to believe school begins for the boys in 2 weeks. Mom's happy, boys... not so much. Our visit with Nonna and Biz Nonna in NJ actually turned into a visit with Luca's Godmother and like 25 of Rick's closest cousins!! He has a very large family and it was so nice to spend time with such great people who we really don't see enough.

The kids went crabbing and on jet ski rides. Rick's Grandmother showed us blankets she is knitting for our children's children (how cool is that?) and Luca of course got his favorite, Nonna's nutella cookies

After packing on the pounds from all the delicious Italian food, we surprised the kids with a trip to Hershey Park just in case our pants weren't quite snug enough.


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Elisabeth said...

Such cute pictures. That is so neat she is knitting blankets for future generations - love that idea. Sounds like a fun trip.

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