Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Hoops to Jump Through

This is just a big rant about the endless paper jungle you have to weave your way through with adoption. I have to say that for the most part, our paper dance went really smoothly. That is until now. I was under the impression that when you legally finalize your adoption with the courts, and you proceed with a name change, everything is taken care of. Not so.
I took all of Lily's documents, every single paper, down to the Social Security office to apply for a card. I presented everything to a not so pleasant woman and she informed me I would be hearing from them in a few weeks. Well, it turns out we were denied a number due to a problem with USCIS. When I contacted them, they said there was no problem and to go back to the SS office. Time went by and one day I received a letter stating that Lily's Permanent Residence Card was still in her Korean name and that was the reason for the hold up. At least someone was actually working on the case. Then I immediately download the papers for a name change, got the supporting documents and a check of course and sent them out. This took pretty much an entire day. We were sent a date to get Lily's new fingerprints which we did this morning. Now we wait. We wait for the new card, which then has to go to Social Security to then wait again for a number.
Why the push for the SS number? Well we travel in late January and we need a US passport for Lily. Just to exaust you further, I called the passport agency to see if they would accept things other than a SS number. Oh sure they would, however, if it's anything in Korean, it would have to be translated by an authority figure. They won't accept a Certificate of Foreign Birth (which we have) because it is issued after the child is 1 yr old. I was informed though that we could "try" to apply with what we have and it "might" work. I guess it depends on who opens the mail that day and if they have had their coffee. AGHHHH! RSS


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Elisabeth said...

Geese, I am so sorry. How frustrating. Hope the right person opens the mail!

Kimberly and Ed said...

How frustrating! I hope it gets resolved quickly!

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