Monday, October 25, 2010

That Not So Fall Feeling

Fall is my favorite. The reds and yellows, the crisp air, the pumpkin pancakes. The settling in to the back to school routine and let's not forget the apple picking. Last week I took all 3 kids to the apple orchard hoping to get just full of that fall feeling. It was great until the temperature rose to an annoying 89 degrees, Lily was constantly tripping over apples that had fallen already and Luca and Lance basically fighting over the apple picker which can seriously take someones head off. Oh yea and there were bees everywhere. We did manage to come away with a pretty large bag of apples, a big pumpkin and some fresh apple cider. Hope everyone is having a great fall so far!


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Elisabeth said...

lol. That sounds like our visit to the pumpkin patch. It was sooo hot, and the bees were so bad, we had to eat our lunch in the car because I am allergic and I was freaking out!!!
Cute pics, anyway. Sorry about the weather.

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