Saturday, February 5, 2011


What did we do to celebrate Lunar New Year? Nothing! It was just one of those crazy weeks where time just got away from us. Now, we are always up for taking the kids out and we have pushed the limit many a time but this time, it just didn't happen. I am sure many of you can relate to the project a simple meal can become with 3 kids at a restaurant. I do feel a bit guilty since it is so important to incorporate Lily's culture into our lives and we do have like a billion Korean restaurants and bakeries nearby. I guess there is always next year. Check out this article:
Seollal Brings New Adventures, Old Traditions.
We are in the process of sending an update to Lily's foster family in Seoul. I am pretty behind on that too. Shocker! I plan to include a few of these shots in the snow. My mom made her this cool sweater set...

Ooooooooo snow!!!

Is she coming?

She told me not to eat the snow...

But I did it anyway...



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Elisabeth said...

She is beautiful! Love the outfit! I can only imagine that life with 3 will be hectic. I can barely keep up with my two. :)

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