Friday, April 8, 2011


Spring, (or should I say what is supposed to be spring) has thrown us into a new phase in this parenting life of ours. I am calling it the Taxi Phase. It's a life where I often ask myself "How did I get here?" Like when I open the back of my truck and out pours all forms of sporting gear accompanied by Goldfish, water bottles and matchbox cars. Or when Lily throws her version of a tantrum and shouts to me "I'M NOT YOUR MOMMY ANYMORE MOMMY!!"
How about the feeling like you're constantly expected to be a walking, driving Wikipedia? Check out the recent questions being thrown at me from my 5 year old...


1. How do people die Mom? Do you just drop to the floor and boom your done?

2. Can't God bring you back to life? He is GOD ya know!

3. Mom, if you show someone your butt, you are mooning them so if you show them your pe**s are you sunning them?


As for the 9 yr old, we have conquered "The Talk." Yes, it's officially done. We think it went very pressure for a parent right, just a conversation that your kid will remember his or her entire life! AHHH. He seemed to be very empowered with his new found information, kind of like being let in on a little secret. After all the questions on anatomy, puberty and disease... the funniest one had to be "So Mom, if you don't want any more children in that way, are you and Dad gonna do that AGAIN?"

Ahh...good times. What are some of the Recently Asked Questions coming your way? RSS


Elizabeth Frick said...

Wow, things have been pretty exciting in your house lately! ;)
I LOVE the "sunning" question... pretty clever!
And I am so impressed that you've had "the talk"... SO not looking forward to that one.

Dina said...

Yes, it's definitely uncomfortable but we kind of let him lead the way and also a book called "It's So Amazing" really helped. Nice you have a little while before you are there with the girls.

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