Friday, March 15, 2013

Can It Be?

Can it really be 4 years ago this week we were in Korea? Look at how she's grown... IMG_6500 Can it really be 4 years since we were first introduced to a culture that would change our lives forever? IMG_6463 IMG_6469 IMG_6488 Can it really be 4 years already that we have been celebrating both a Birthday and a Family Day? IMG_6499 IMG_6480 IMG_6514 Can it be that we have had a swirling, twirling bright little dancer in our house for 4 years? IMG_6505 Is it possible...we've watched this strong girl blossom for the last 4 years? Making friends, writing her name, growing her hair... IMG_6518 IMG_6504 Have we really been a family now for 4 years? IMG_6496 Yes, it is possible...every crazy and breathtaking second of it. Happy Family Day Lily Claire. Love you forever! IMG_6460 RSS

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