Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not Enough Time

This weekend, the boys were on their own. Some quality boy time together with lacrosse games, movies and slurpies. For Lily and I, it was girls weekend as we traveled to NY for a visit with my sister and my 7 year old niece. Untitled There was cousins bonding going on over French toast and Barbies... Untitled Untitled A morning dance party broke out... Untitled Lily made some friends, while I learned a thing or two about bows and glitter... Untitled Untitled and a talent show wrapped up our Saturday... Untitled We shopped for furniture and didn't get kicked out... Untitled Caved in to the treats... Untitled and yes...more dancing. Untitled Silly faces and playing together till the end... Untitled Untitled and as always, saying goodbye stinks... Untitled So great to hang with just the girls! RSS

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