Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daddy's Korean Adoption Thought's

Well now that my daughters blog has been posted by my wife Dina I sat down fully expecting to have to help edit it on the technical side, but to my surprise she had it all worked out already. I then started to look at her music play list and all the thoughts I have had about this adoption came flooding into my mind. So i figured I would post some of it. I think many people may think that I got my two boys and how nice for Dina to have a little girl. Well I never had a sister and grew up with a lot of testosterone in my home and now have two testosterone machines Lance & Luca running me in circles which don't get me wrong, I love more then I could have ever imagined but the idea that I will have a little girl in my bring me warm smiles and tea parties is going to be a fantastic balance to my life. I know, I know what all you negative Nellie's out there are saying about having a girl and I am not listening so don't send those vibes to me I am all about the positive. Life is complex and difficult but that's what makes it so rich and fulfilling besides who wants easy journey's in one I want to hang out with. So I hope this little blog of ours keeps the family and friends informed when we are in Korea with pics and movies but may also be a resource for those couples that come after us and stumble onto this blog like we did when we first started scouring the internet for all things korean and adoption. Thanks to our families and friends for their love and support up to this point.
Lily Claire Bear just give daddy a call and daddy will soon be on a plane.........


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