Saturday, March 27, 2010


As I sit on my butt, listening to my boys call each other ugly and obsess over Playstaion, I look over at Lily with a full diaper. It's 10:00, I am not on the treadmill, I am not cleaning or cooking, I am not even dressed. What am I doing?? BLOGGING! I sort of dropped out over the last few months but I admit to now being completely addicted. I love reading everyone's stories, adoption memories and of course the photos of Korea and these beautiful children. It takes me right back there. My heart aches for those parents who are waiting and I feel that groggy happiness for those who have just returned. I am thankful to everyone for sharing and I hope to give inspration to others as well! I am in the process of giving this blog a fresh look and hope it turns out nicely.

Some pics: One is from Luca's big debut reciting his poem "Chicken Soup with Rice" to the pre- K class yesterday and my new fav of Lily.



Elisabeth said...

I love that picture of Lily. So adorable!
I just love reading all adoption stories and love to look at blogs of families home with their Korean babies, it gives me hope!

Elizabeth Frick said...

totally have the same addiction. :)

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