Monday, March 22, 2010

NY Times- Korean Adoption

I decided to check out some blogs created by Korean adoptees and found this today. It is an article from over a year ago but I thought it was worth passing on.

NY Times



Tammi said...

I am complete stranger, but I found your blog as I search for info about Korean adoption. I think we are in the same state and I am looking at the same agency you used. Would you mind telling me a little about your experience with CHSFS? my email is apr1704 at
I hope this isn't too imposing, I just feel like talking to someone who has done it, would help us with so many questions!
Thanks, your family is beautiful!

R Journey 2 Lily said...

Thanks Tammi!! That's wonderful. I would be happy to discuss our experience. I will email you tonight.

Elisabeth said...

That is really interesting....
I am glad more Koreans are adopting their own.

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