Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The Lucaism for the week has to be:

"Mom, if Jesus died and then rose, why do we get jelly beans?"

Can anyone help me with this one? LOL!

Meanwhile, here are some shots from this afternoon:
Note the smiley Lily vs the pouty Lily. Man we are in for it!



Elizabeth Frick said...

If you guys figure out that answer, I'd like to know it :)

dana said...

hehe!!! so sweet. love the pouty pic. and those cherry blossoms are so gorgeous!!

Krista said...

Look at the attitude in pic #3!
And the answer... because.

Circuitsoft said...

Eggs, Rabbits, and Hares are ancient symbols of fertility. The practice of the easter bunny bringing edible treats is from upper France and lower Germany in the 16th century, both part of the Holy Roman Empire at the time. -

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