Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Breaking It In

Ok, so I haven't chosen my new lens yet. I have been on 100 photography websites over the last few days and still I am not ready to commit. For now, however, I have been so excited to use the new camera body that I have just been shooting with the old lenses, by that I mean around 4 yrs old . Please, please any suggestions, comments would be so helpful.



Elizabeth Frick said...

those are all lovely photos!!!

Elisabeth said...

I agree! And I love the shot in the rain - that is beautiful. And Lily is so adorable. I love seeing little Korean girls and imagining how Leah will look. :)

dana said...

love the rain pics!! i really love my 24-70mm lens - so much that i've sold all my others except my 50mm.

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