Friday, May 28, 2010

What a Week!

It started with Luca's 5th Birthday on Sunday. Rick's mom and grandmother were visiting as well. The rain was on and off but it didn't stop the party from happening.

How cool is that cake?

Then there were the end of Pre-K events. I volunteereed to make scrapbooks for the teacher gifts. I must have been insane since there are 3 teachers and 21 children. I ended up creating 63 pages! It's just that these teachers are so outstanding and so deserving of a special gift. On Thurs we had the end of year party and today was the family picnic. I have to admit a few tears were shed as we said good-bye to pre K. I will miss the drop off hugs and kisses and the looking back to me for a thumbs up as I walked away. The moms in this class are so cool and we actually really enjoy each others company so I will miss the chats at pick up. This year I found it amazing to hear such praise for my little Luca, how he listened and was such a joy all the time. This being because lately with me he is the devil! I was consistently impressed with what he was learning and so happy to have had these women in his life.



Elizabeth Frick said...

I just can't get over how impressive that cake is!!!

Kris and Scott said...

No way! How are you doing all of this stuff, AND being a wife AND being a mom?? You have officially reached super hero status! Way to go on wrapping up a busy week. Hope you get some down time this weekend.

Elisabeth said...

Sweet cake! Wow, you did alot pf scrapbooking, i know the teachers loved that gift. Jack has one more year of preschool then he is off to kindergarten. Goes by fast!

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