Friday, March 20, 2009


My father in law once said to me that life is accelerated when children come along and boy was he right. What once were hectic days now involve even more multi tasking. But hey, so what if the house isn't perfect and the laundry isn't all hung up right?
We have been home now with Lily for 10 days and she has done beautifully. She is happy and smiling all the time except for those two days prior to turning the car seat around to face forward. She is responding to her name and loves to hear Rick's voice. She can eat like a teenager, is pulling up on everything and so intrigued by her two brothers. The naps seem to be a bit off though but the last two nights she has slept right through the night so we are not complaining. She is teething so we do have the runny nose going and lots of wet bibs.
My two main concerns: #1. Since she wants to be held all the time, I bought the Ergo carrier, however I almost dropped her while trying to put her on the back!! Definitely need more practice with it. #2. When we left Korea we were told Lily drank a bottle every 4 hours and now we are lucky if she drinks 2 for the entire day?? RSS


Jackie said...

Keep trying with the bottle. Juliana wouldn't take one either, and then I realized we were overfeeding her. She only gets 3 bottles a day now, yet is eating 24 oz. Perfect. Also if she's teething, the swallow and sucking can really bother those gums. You may want to try some tylenol before feeding. Poor thing.

As for the ergo, I have the beco and I refuse to put her on my back just yet. I just don't see how that can help bonding. I think its important that when they are being carried in a carrier, they get to see our faces, and us theirs. J is not used to being front carried but is learning to like it! Other than that, I have no advice on the back carry since I haven't done it yet.

Good luck!

R Journey 2 Lily said...

Love that name Juliana by the way! I agree with you. Lily loves to be carried on the front as well and she sleeps it in too! I dont do that very often though since she really is already used to naps in the crib. What are Juliana's sleep habits like?

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