Thursday, March 5, 2009

WOW!......its my baby Girl!

Ok, so most of you that are reading this have a good idea that I have had a very busy couple of months even for me who likes to be busy. In fact, a good friend of ours Louise once told me to schedule a heart attack in over the past few weeks.....good thing for me that my google calender was full. My point is that I have been distracted from what was going to happen today and I placed my personal expectations low, and that it would be akward and I wouldnt feel a huge amount of love instantly for this little girl.............well.....I was plesently surprised. It was so amazing to meet her and her foster family I truly can not explain it. The foster parents ..........I don't think I could have placed her in a more loving family myself you can just see how much they spoiled this little girl. I was so happy to see how involved the dad was playing with her just like I have done with my boys. In addition, finding out all of the wounderful things that Eastern Social Welfare and Home Society does in detail was increadable and father would have loved it as well as the rest of of my family.


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