Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Beautiful Day!

What an amazing experience! We received the call around 9am to be at the agency at 10:30 to have our first meeting. After a huge buffet breakfast (The Intercontinental Seoul is wonderful by the way) we headed out. We first met with a social worker to sign papers and get Lily's passport. Then we were brought upstairs where both her foster mom and dad were waiting for us at the end of a hallway full of babies. They were so anxious for us to see Hye Won. She is just precious. We then went into a room where we discussed her eating and sleep habits. I was a bit fearful of what her reaction to Rick and I would be but she was very social. They presented us with a huge box of gifts including photo albums, hair clips, the traditional Hanbok for her first birthday, even a gift for when she gets married. They included gifts for Lance and Luca too!! We were told that they showed her pictures of us every day. She is truely loved by this family.

After our meeting, we were invited to have lunch with the agency staff, the president Dr Kim and some other families who are adopting. We got to see the babies that have just been born as well in the nursery. We are getting Lily on Monday evening so we will actually have her the night before we fly home. What a beautiful day!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Dina and Rick!!! How fantastic!! I am crying here watching all the video's! Dina..I can tell you just want to grab her out of their arms when they bring her to you! She is so adorable! She is so aware and social!! What a beautiful little girl! Your daughter!!! I send soooo much love your way!! I am so totally happy for you!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures!!!! Love you!!!
Patti and Rob

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