Monday, March 9, 2009

We've got her!!

At this moment we have Lily in our hotel room peacefully sleeping on our bed. She fell asleep in the car ride back and will probably keep us up pretty late tonight!

Our day began with shopping followed by more shopping. I did restrain, however, from picking up one of the many designer handbags along the way. We had a wonderful Korean BBQ lunch at Bamboo House including a bit of Korean soju which is kind of like sake. Then it was back to the hotel to get ready to pick up our new addition. Fighting back tears, I had our letter for the foster family translated to Korean. With a nervous stomaches and feeling a bit flushed, we picked up flowers and wine and headed to the agency. We played with Lily and the foster parents and got last minute instructions on her care. As soon as the driver was ready for us, the agency director lead a prayer for our safe trip and a long healthy life. It all happpened very quickly. We collected the baby goods they gave to us and were lead out the back where we said our goodbyes. The foster parents seemed better then I expected. I could barely get the words out as I tryed to thank everyone for what they had done to get this little girl to us. In tears we drove off, with our new bundle of joy. The sun began to set and with a calm baby in my arms and nerves beginning to settle, I was so thankful to the country for allowing us to raise this precious gift.

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