Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dina & Lily

Make sure you check out the other video's I posted today as well as the still photo's that Dina had taken at the meeting. (i.e. Scroll down after this post)


Melissa Sullivan said...

Tears are flowing down my face! I am so happy for you! Lily is just beautiful . . . congratulations!

Teresa Bosch said...

Oh my gosh... congratulations!!! High Fives all around! Your Lily is so beautiful!! We saw Lance at the science fair at school tonight. He walked in just as I was showing someone your photos of Lily on my iphone!

Desiree said...

Dina & Rick...the tears of joy are flowing....I cannot express how happy I am for all of you. Lily is make such a lovely family....congratulations!!!!

Maggie Bodge said...

Congratulations! This is just the sweetest way of sharing your experience with everyone! I would never have gotten to see how incredible your experience is without your excellent blog. We saw Lance and your Dad tonight at the Science Fair and really enjoyed it! Have a very safe trip home and we can't wait to see Lily!

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